R.I.P. Mcqueen

Such a tremendous loss to the fashion industry.  His innovation and inspiring designs will be missed.

Sponge Bob Lagerfeld Style

SpongeBob customized by Karl Lagerfeld

WWD  featured an article today entitled “SpongeBob Gets a Makeover.” The title alone grabbed my attention and then the this photo… well needless to say I had to share it with you.  This Sponge Bob, decked out by Karl Lagerfeld himself, was dressed in Lagerfeld’s famous fingerless gloves, black shades, and covered in gold.  It sold for about $1,500 at a WWF fundraiser in Paris recently.

Inspiration for the day…


These photographs of Paris nightlife in the 1930s are currently so inspiring to me! The night club dancers, like Josephine Baker, had a sense of glamour and eroticism about them.  Hope you enjoy them as well!

GaGa Oh La La…


I know Lady GaGa’s new music video for Bad Romance has been out for about a week now, but I couldn’t really call myself a design blogger without posting about this!  It’s amazing.  I wasn’t really a huge Lady GaGa fan until I saw this music video.  Check out the amazing shoes and designs from Alexander Mcqueen’s Spring 2010 collection.

Let’s Recycle…

Numbered Slices from eleanor salazarKey Ring Asterisk from Cecilia Felli

Sonic Fabric Ties

All these products are obviously from recycled materials.  However, what makes them unique is that the material they are derived from is not masked or hidden.  With the pool ball earrings the original design creates a unique color blocking and the minimalistic asterisk of a computer key makes a bold ring.  My favorite definitely has to be the Sonic Fabric Neckties.

This design collaboration between designer Julio Cesar and Sonic Fabric is an innovative improvement to the standard men’s necktie.  They are woven from 50% recorded audio cassette taps and 50% colored, polyester thread.  If you run a tape head over the tie it actually creates a sound collage.  I had my doubts, but the site lead me to a video demonstration.

If you are really into this concept like I was check out the sound example and video of how the fabric is made.

Products from Supermarket.

Liquid Architecture…

Crasset 4Crasset 3

Crasset 2Crasset 1

These images are stills from the collaborative music video between the band, Liquid Architecture and artist, Matali Crasset. To see the entire video click here.

The work of Parisian product designer, Crasset, creates the atmosphere for the band’s first music video.  It was filmed in Chicago and tells the story of a man and woman who spread  their musical laboratory experiments throughout the city in order to share their new sound with others.  Crasset’s works range from collaborations with artists like this piece to innovative glasses.  Her work has been described as encouraging “us to question the way we go about our daily lives.”  Examples of her works are below:

-quote from http://designmuseum.org/design/matali-crasset

The New Bean Bag…

This Emilio Pucci Bean Clutch pushes the boundaries of typical handbags or clutches.  This shiny, hard clutch hinges open and I assume fits comfortably into the palm of your hand.  One negative, however, is that I am sure ever smudge or mark is very evident on the shiny surface.  Doesn’t stop me for lusting for it.  I’ll save my $1,385 pennies!!

Check it…

Here are some great new blogs I just came across:

Jak and Jil is a blog of street style spotted on the streets of Paris, New York, London, etc.  In my opinion, it is really beneficial to see the designs actually worn by the consumers verses just seeing it on a model on the runway.  Hope it inspires you as well!

Fashionation is the sister site to Cool Hunter.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner.  The blog covers street style, fashion photography, and runway coverage.  I love the comparisons between street style in Milan verses New York verses London. It is not updated that regularly, but when it is the posts are definitely worth the look.

Also, check out my recent interest links.  I just added some great fellow bloggers!

Paco Peregrin…

Originally from Almeria, Spain, Paco Peregrin has photographed for numerous publications, such as Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, and Zink.  He incorporates the current trends seen in the fashion world with knowledge of photography to create works that have a balance between conceptual and commercial images.

One of my favorite shoots entitled “Vision” was for a fashion magazine in China.  He used snow globes and miniature ferris wheels as head pieces paired with garments of red, black and white.

He also is helping to build the next generation of artists by holding workshops in Sprain for students.  It makes me like his work even more now that I know he is passing his knowledge on!

Chosen for Posen…

Zac Posen

I have been chosen to design my senior collection under the mentorship of Zac Posen.  He is coming this weekend to review the work  of the selected students, which makes me both excited and terrified! Posen is known for his dramatic evening wear, his focus on the female form, and his use of bright colors.  It is going to be an amazing opportunity to receive his input on my designs and work with him for the next 2o weeks.

“I’m not into robotic, idealizations, of sexuality. I want emotion.” ~Zac Posen at his 2009 fall show